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Bambi Fischer, Guest Blog for The Wisteria Tea RoomA Guest Blog by Bambi Fischer

My reservations already made, I was in the back seat of the car, heading for the Wisteria Tea Tasting on Friday, July 25th. Seeing my friends in the front seat was enough to make anyone delight in the upcoming adventure. Both were in their tea time hats and ready for some fun! Of course, this wasn’t my first visit to the Wisteria.

After we arrived early and as we waited for the doors to open, we talked about the history of the Wisteria Tea Room, the previous owners of the historic house where it’s located, and remarked that Hough Street is pronounced “Huff” – which is a something true “vintage” Lee Countians know and don’t need to be told.

When the doors opened I wanted to sit as close to the presenters as possible.

Please, let’s make this clear, I love tea, I love food and I love learning. So, this was a win-win situation for me!

Our tables were set and each participant had a lovely goody bag full of surprises followed by a remarkable presentation: ‘The History of Tea’. I never knew tea was such powerful influence in the political world! Oh, I know, there’s the famous Boston Tea Party, but truly, the love of tea caused empires to rise, others to crumble, and influenced trade, culture and civilization throughout the world.

Next, the process of harvesting tea was presented. The first question was, “How many tea plants are there?”

No one got the answer correctly and I am not going to tell you. You must check that out for yourself. It was an intriguing presentation involving two traditional ways of harvesting tea and about different ways teas are processed.

Next came the tea tasting, when each participant was presented with one flavor of tea at a time to savor and rank it on a scale of appealing flavor to each of us. (I kept mine a secret, just because that is how I am.) It was a pleasure to in indulge in the various flavors as well as learn of the varied ingredients comprising the sundry of teas that we tasted.

We were presented with a lovely plate of delicious sweet delicacies, that were obviously crafted with great care and love. These dainties were so lovely that it was almost a shame to eat them – but, note that I said ALMOST!

Unfortunately, the event came to a close. No one wanted to bid farewell which was obvious because everyone kept standing around, talking and of course admiring a very special person – the newest member of their family – their adorable little grandchild!

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