The Wisteria Experience

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Just a Little Southern HospitalityMy friends and I had a wonderful time together. If you are ever in the Fort Myers area, be sure to stop in at The Wisteria Tea Room & Cafe. It’s a Tea Room that is not to be missed.



Oceans ReachDine for lunch or ladies’ tea. Take your honey or meet the girls at this newly opened, historic Florida bungalow in Downtown Ft. Myers River District. “English Tea with a Southern Flair”.



how to buy viagra with paypalThe tea room was very attractive with all of the pretty things that you would expect. We ordered three pots and shared. As we finished a pot we could choose another type of tea. The ladies at one end of the table seemed to enjoy black teas, but I sat near my boyfriends’s niece and we enjoyed fruit or green teas. Our hosts were very specific about how tea should be brewed and the length of time it takes to make a good pot. They were well worth the wait.


The Wisteria Tea Room & Cafe, located in downtown Fort Myers, Florida, not only serves tea, but it is a wonderful place to dine as well.





Instead of hot tea and desserts, all of us decided on iced tea and lunch. I had, and I recommend, the egg salad sandwich on a croissant with a cup of soup. Oh, I liked the idea that we could have more than one tea. We could try many teas. I suggest everyone go to the Wisteria to celebrate any occasion or just to dine for no occasion at all!



It’s foods made by grandmas, stuff that takes a lot of time to do right, time we don’t have any more.





It’s simply delightful! The food and the bottomless pots of exotic teas are such a treat, and they are all made better by the quaint decor and the charming atmosphere! If you are anywhere nearby, make the drive and pay the place a visit with your little princess (heck, be selfish and visit with a good friend!) and indulge in the simple charm of this delightful tea room.


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